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DIALOGUES ARE OUR BEST SELLER - For classroom, online, and ELL, ESL & Bilingual!


A dialogue is a conversation between two characters about an important topic or concept with content embedded and written in a student-friendly manner. Whether in the classroom, at home, or using their phone, students (or a friend or family member) pair up, read, speak, and engage to develop a much better understanding of the concept. Students love doing dialogues and ask for more!

    Dialogues are powerful - watch this 2 min video!

Digital copies work great with online learning.

Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Each book contains a section focusing on how to use dialogues in the classroom. Used in regular or flipped classrooms, also used for ESL, ELL, and to improve reading and language skills, or for homeschooling. Make sure your classroom or library has these exciting resources. 


Students love doing dialogues! They often ask, "When do we get to do another dialogue"?


Dialogues for English, Science, History and Health Ed 


Using Dialogues in the English Classroom – two volumes cover content commonly taught in middle and high school English classes. Each book has how-to section and forty-six or more dialogues with key English content to infuse into your curriculum to make reading and learning more interesting and enjoyable.

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Using Dialogues in the American History Classroom - two volumes cover the periods of 1492-1865 and 1865-2010. Each book has 190+ pages and 63 dialogues, with a how-to section and key US History content to infuse into your curriculum to make reading and learning more interesting and enjoyable.

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Five books - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space, and Physical Science. Each book has about 200 pages and 60 dialogues, with a how-to section and key science content to infuse into your curriculum, to make reading and learning more interesting and enjoyable.

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Crew 66 Health Education Dialogues for Middle School Students is outstanding for engaging students in critical health education topics. This curriculum, or curriculum supplement, has 380 pages of active learning with a core of 40 dialogues – student to student conversations about Health content and skills.

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More Great Resource Books for Teachers


Maximizing Student Engagement in the Classroom: Using Individual and Small Group Dry Erase Boards to Engage All Students in Learning



Chameleon Condos uses critter habitats to foster and promote science inquiry for elementary through high school classrooms, science fair projects, and home schooling.

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